research & trends

With several years of experience as a trend researcher and strategist, Tessa van Asselt (1987) now works as a keynote speaker and university lecturer.

Tessa has a background in interdisciplinary social sciences, master's degrees in youth studies and creative development and minors in gender studies, culture studies and arts management.


Understanding how today’s changing world impacts tomorrow’s consumer behaviour, is essential in staying relevant. Tessa specializes in the Millennial generation, the youngest generation entering adulthood.


As an experienced conference speaker, Tessa inspires national and international audiences with enticing keynotes that get people thinking.


During a workshop participants get to innovate, by transforming research insights into practical implications for business.


Working as a lecturer at Utrecht University, Tessa teaches students how research can be practically applied to (business) strategy.

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"I worked together with Tessa during a series of brainstorm sessions, in which she performed as an inspirational speaker. She was able to translate scientific research on generational trends into meaningful insights for the participants. Her lively and highly visual presentation set the right tone for the creative endeavour that followed."
Jont Groenendaal - Twynstra Gudde

"Tessa's creative style, excellent timing and accessible attitude made it an exciting session. With subject content as well as her personable style Tessa is able to captivate a group like a pro till the very last minute. Moreover, she seems in no way daunted by any possible gap in age or experience between herself and the audience."
Tim Kloet - BAM Group

"Tessa knows how to combine form and content, without losing her expert knowledge and story. With enthusiastic presentations that are adapted to current affairs and tailored to the audience, she knows how to bring a story suitable for both professionals and adolescents: simplicity without losing complexity! Trend analysis is often an inspiring but abstract story, Tessa makes trends tangible and applicable."
Xander Beks - Human Capital Agenda Agri&Food